Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 2: plyometrics is not for fat people at first.

Well I found out what plyometrics means.  JUMP TRAINING. nooooo not sky diving though I wish it was.
a continuation from day 1 that my arms are woooh crazy noodles.  now my legs ( mostly my thighs which I "thought" were sexy strong.) WRONG.  favorite move was the football one where you jumped from left to right in an angle motion then ran backwards high step 3 times.

there was a casualty.... another fat man got hurt broke his hand. took a dive off my DVD tower because i was getting froggy.

another cool note and support is that. I just went on Facebook and Liked the P90x page. got a personal free online trainer. ( had to prove I bought p90x legit thought...I DID )

Just bring it!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 1 : How to bring it!

Here is to my challenge. You ask why challenge? Well because I never used to take anything seriously until lately. Becoming a Fiance, work, and finally now self fitness and wellness. I've come to the conclusion I must Change. Change for myself and well I end up changing for the rest. Bringing a happier self will being happiness around to you too.

So here the kit I bought it comes with work out plan  fitness plan reisitance bands chin up bar 12 workout set and recovery protiens  now lets take a look at me.

Ok I dont look TOOOOOO bad i do have some chubbiness to me but nothing to scream fat ass about. well here comes the shocker that body weights a little over 210 pounds. that is 50 pounds more then when I stopped growing in high school and quit Wrestling. ( yet a challenge I would like to acheive one more time but I will get into that later.

OK wow thats where I feel a blow to the ego right there. probably A cup Moobies. and well a couple more itches I wouldnt know where to aim if you catch my dift. this is why I want to better myself aso bring back that cocky joe ( more cockier than he is now ) but yet be a healthier human .

This is my Challenge.